Founded in January 2018, we are a new church in Sequim,Washington. We are here to welcome people into a place of healthy community where we worship, pray, and study God’s word.

Our Desire

To partner with God in building a culture that is characterized by Genuineness. 

Real people/ Loving a real God/ Doing real life together   

Life is filled with good and not so good moments. Experiencing the reality of God in our lives is the only way to have a consistent life worth living.  Jesus does not change, and in a world filled with inconsistencies, temporary pleasures, and an pretty much anything goes attitude, only a relationship with the unchanging God through His son Jesus can we have the strength and stability needed for a quality life in the here and now, and then right on into eternity.  

The Bible tells us to be careful how we build our house (life). Jesus is the solid foundation, but we choose the materials in which we build our lives.  At the Gateway Church of Sequim, Our heart is to carefully build a healthy culture through

  • Dynamic Worship

  • Solid Biblical Teaching

  • Meaningful Family Experiences

  • Miracles and Healings

We also passionately desire to see the Holy Spirit work in the lives of people. We believe that carefully, deliberately building a unique culture with these ingredients will please God, provide a life-giving oasis for people, and over time, be a blessing to our community, making a difference all the way to the ends of the earth.

Our Core values

 Love God completely

 Love People genuinely

 Love the World consistently